Think piece: Success factors for large scale transformation

Succes factors transformationThis is a summary of the state-of-the-art thinking and my collected insights on organizational transformation deriving from experiences we have made in large transformations. It comes a little unpretentious as a simple listing, but every point is fundamental and ambitious.

1. The management team (Mt) gives clear orientation by driving the change and owning the topic

- Mt has a clear case for the change (Why is a particular change absolutely necessary)
- Mt is leading the challenge (As individuals  – management team members taking personal responsibility as transformation stream leads)
- Mt is constantly spending time together really working on difficult issues and not only time for digesting and monitoring  (Management as a team and role model to struggle for attaining the best solution)

2. A tremendous transformation is recognized as a tremendous change

- Cuts have to be crystal clear, honest, explicit and speedy, not bit by bit  (Promise what you can deliver, think in milestones and open ends)
- A dramatic change needs a robust steering and monitoring (Consequent decision making, communicating and fast executing)
- Communication needs to be permanent and always based on the above essentials (Employees always quickly notice the truth)

3. Change is always and not a project anymore

- Management team needs to permanently learn and become a role model again for the organization (Transformation for you and “which changes” for us?)
- Managers on all levels need to learn repeatable change know how (Organization enhances sustainable change competences for the next change)
- The organization uses a growing number of organizational change support services (The institution conserves and delivers good change experiences)

4. Change can be fun – who is the first?

- Challenge the organization and don’t  make them participate (Clear pressure and accountability for results is as necessary as being involved)
- Open the field for the best ideas and solutions from everywhere – cross-hierarchical competition (The truth is not in the hierarchy any more)
- Don’t work against resistance but encourage and convince those willing for the change (Start the change where it’s easy)

5. Large scale execution must be based on easy to use methodologies and dedicated funding

- Working tools have to be easy to use, collaborative, scalable and standardized in execution which will create one common language.
- Realization needs dedicated KPI’s and a “consequence management” from the very beginning
- Making large transformation happen is a profession: This needs transformation architects, OCM expert, coaches, trainers and communication specialists

What do you think? Is this helpful for your transformation? Happy to discuss these points with you to see what is really relevant.

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