The Impact of Digitization – Charting the Course of Disruption

BMIDigitization is the one megatrend for virtually every business these days. Entire markets are turned upside down or even simply swept away, entry barriers are torn down, and previous rules of doing business are shaking. Digitization is a Tsunami washing away those who will not be willing to embrace change and to play a new game

Top managers are more and more aware of this new threat. Many initiatives have been started on Business Model Innovation. Reinvent the business, create breakthrough innovation, disrupt the own foundations of previous success, get out of the box – you can hear this from almost everywhere and everyone.

Thanks to business model enthusiasts and conceptual visionaries like Yves Pigneur and Alex Osterwalder, a whole new taxonomy and grammar of strategic thinking has been put in place. This new school based on design thinking and collaboration is exactly the toolbox we need, in order to really think differently and come up with really new stuff.
Working in Business Model Innovation initiatives and projects, we constantly come to the point where digitization is the one pressing issue. How can we identify the impact and opportunities digitization has for our business model?