Business Model Labs – Break out, explore, experiment and redesign your business…

BM Labs…that’s the ambition of Business Model Labs.

Business environment is changing today ever more and faster. Digitization of business processes strides ahead and with it new challenges and opportunities emerge. New customer needs, new ways of interacting with customers and new ways for customers to act, new options for designing internal processes are just a few things to mention in this respect.

Most notably, however, the ever increasing digitization provides ample potential to turn whole industries upside down through the design of new and entirely different business models. This is opportunity and threat at the same time, as competition doesn’t wait and oftentimes, new players not incumbents are the ones which design and define a whole industry totally new through disruptive innovation of business models.

The aim of Business Model Labs (BM Labs) is to enable established companies, industry incumbents, to be as innovative as the multitude of small innovative game changers we observe so frequently, and to redesign their business models before others do.

BM Labs offer the opportunity to break out from existing assumptions and orientations, to leave the business-as-usual and daily operating routines behind for some time. Following the motto „…break out, explore, experiment and redesign your business…“ BM Labs provide the chance to work on new ideas and concepts for the innovation of your business model in a free and creative, yet focused and professionally conducted mode.

Get to know more about the BM Labs in Berlin.

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