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How to facilitate top management teams for creativitiy and the invention of their future business?

“…Crazy stuff, we rarely had such a creative and productive journey in the last years…”

This was a quite impressive quote by a CEO of a global cooperation. What made him so happy was a workshop sequence aiming at innovating the own business model.


A whole new discipline: managing collaborative operating models

So many managers are talking about innovative business and operating models. The ambition is often to find new concepts for the value chain with a more open and collaborative touch. Why not focus on own strength and competencies – and let others do jobs that they know best. Outsource, offshore or even crowdsource activities. The goal is a far more agile and lean setup of the organization – nice idea and really trendy. While working with such groups of managers on these types ofconcepts, I often find it is intellectually not too hard to come to valuable concepts and designs.



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